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Sum of Talented Parts

Mark Livingston, Lead Singer, Tambourine Man

Mark Livingston

Lead Singer

 Mark is the alpha male that other guys (including Jack Black) want to be. Growing up in New Orleans, his golden singing voice and unmatched skill for playing the drums, tambourine and cowbell led to him leading the world famous DADBOD BAND. His tastes on music and cars have earned the respect of Presidents and other world leaders, who seek his counsel daily on how to make sandwiches for the masses. Mark may be a legend in his own mind but remember this: Kurt Russell won a Mark Livingston lookalike contest.

Tim Cotto, Vocals, Bass Guitarist

Tim Cotto

Bass Guitarist, Vocals

We know nothing about this man. It is our suspicion that he is in a witness protection plan or some kind of government experiment.

Gregg Hensley, Drummer

Gregg Hensley


Plucked from the mouth of a gator and whisked home to be raised in the Northern Louisiana Tradition, whatever that is, Gregg, at the tender age of 9, made his Momma take him to a Three Dog Night concert so he could feed his nubile appetite for funk. There, he heard Floyd Sneed lay it down on a set of clear acrylic drums and told his Momma "I wanna do THAT." Today, he delivers the goods on a stunning, sonorous compilation of clear acrylic Pearl Crystal Beats and an array of really pretty shiny things called Zildjian K cymbals. Because it is important to play good, but even more important to look fabulous doing it.


John Wisser


John was born in a Pittsburgh wrestling ring holding a snake in one hand and a hockey stick in the other. At age 15, he discovered he had the wizard-like power to turn his hockey stick into a guitar and switched from shredding the ice to shredding guitar strings fashioned from the manes of former Kentucky Derby winners. Two years ago, he turned his attention to the plight of empty beer bottles littered on the side of the road, which he turns into glass guitars.  Now Jake "The Snake" Roberts asks for John's autograph.


Chris Vaughn

Sound Guy

After conquering the computer world while telling everyone it's "Not My Problem", Chris was looking for something to do in his spare time. Luckily, he was approached to work sound, refill drinks, carry heavy equipment, and be the court jester for the most famous band in the world, DADBOD BAND. How could he turn it down? Working alongside an accomplished group of entertainers, his pay increased to below minimum wage and in 5 more gigs, he'll be able to take his wife on a 1st class bus trip to Paris (Texas).